Pop Art Style Logo for a Podcast

We designed a pop-art style logo for a new podcast from Supes called the Let’s Go Show

Supes is a popular Tiktok and YouTube personality specializing in Marvel and other pop culture content. When he decided he was ready to try his hand at a new form of media, the podcast, he wanted to create a new brand. Thus, the Let’s Go Show was born. He needed to come up with a logo for the podcast that was familiar enough for his current audience to recognize his unique style, but also new enough to do justice to the new direction he was taken.

The image below shows Supes’s previous logo style for his YouTube channel.

A Fresh New Pop-Art Style Logo

When we¬†designed the podcast logo, we¬†wanted to maintain the color scheme and comic book feel of his original branding, while also introducing new pop art elements. We knew that the Let’s Go Show was going to continue Supes’s regular Marvel content while also covering pop culture elements outside of the MCU and superheroes in general. So the logo needed to make sense from a general perspective as well.

In the end, we came up with two designs. A 3D block-style logo and flat 2D version.

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