Educational Consultant Portfolio Site

We designed a custom portfolio site for an educational consultant and public speaker

Custom Needs for a Portfolio Site

When you look for a portfolio site template, you’ll find tons of themes geared toward freelance creators. But there aren’t a whole lot of ready-out-of-the-box solutions for educational consultant and public speaker portfolio sites. So what do you do when you have very specific website needs? You ditch the template and you build something from scratch.

When my mother graduated with her PhD, she started doing one-on-one consultations, group educational development sessions, and public speaking presentations. She needed a way to show all of her experience to potential clients, so she started looking to create her own website. But all the pre-built templates were either too broad or too specific. There was nothing that provided exactly what she was looking for. So we built it using WordPress, Elementor, and a series of WordPress plugins.

Custom Elementor Site

To create the custom solution we needed for this page, we used Elementor and WordPress to create a brand new design from scratch. We also used additional WordPress plugins to create new post types, custom properties, and more. This allowed us to create dynamic content that Dr. Martin-Young can update easily from her WordPress dashboard. Examples of this dynamic content includes publications, presentations, and teacher resources. All of this content is displayed in a unique way and is automatically split into past and future sections based on the date. All of this is done automatically to reduce the amount of time spent in the WordPress dashboard.

If you have custom needs for your portfolio or business website, there are a dozen ways to accomplish whatever it is you’re looking for. If you’re interested in talking about how we can develop a custom solution for you, contact us today.

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