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Do You Really Need a Content Strategy?

Yes! Here's Why.

A content strategy helps Google find your website and show your website to more people who are interested in your services and products

A content strategy helps establish your authority in your niche, allowing potential customers to learn to know, like, and trust you

A content strategy educates customers and potential customers about your industry in general and about your products and services specifically, making “stickier” customers that keep coming back

A content strategy gives you more to work with when it comes to posting on social media or creating new ads, always keeping your brand fresh and at the top of your customers’ minds

A content strategy paired with best SEO practices is a great way to continually bring in new customers for weeks, months, and even years without maintaining a large marketing budget

A content strategy developed by experienced digital marketers is the fastest, tried-and-true way to get your message out into the world without going through a lengthy trial-and-error process

Content Strategy Testimonials

Shelley Martin-Young

Next Digital did a fabulous job with both the still pictures and the video. They were professional and reassured me when I was nervous about speaking on camera. They climbed on a bridge to get a specific picture I wanted and even stopped to take extra pictures once the shoot was over. They seamlessly wove together the story of the Tulsa Race Massacre and my story of discovery in this video project.

Giovanni Marks

These guys are truly gifted, with the most little given details and description for your project, they’ll still find a way to put your vision on screen. Amazingly talented with great communication skills and super fast delivery. Always a pleasure to work with you guys!

Cathy Smythe

During my run for city council, I received an email offer to create a video for campaign purposes. Next Digital offered their time and skills to get out the message. What a great idea I thought and contacted them and we started planning the shoot. They had a vision and led me through the steps to capture the pieces and assemble them. I loved the results!

Lucy from Luxipens

The writers at Next Digital have a natural instinct and gift for writing. They are exemplary writers and bring a lot to the table in terms of competence and capability. They understood our requirements, undertook the research, and returned to us a near flawless piece. Even with their great work, they still invite feedback. Next Digital is a breath of fresh air. We wouldn’t hesitate in rehiring them (and plan on doing so.) We just hope they’re not too busy to take on new work.

Gabriel Gordon

Next Digital is awesome! Not only do they provide professional and well-done​ work, but they’re kind, and great to work with!